Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Get The Perfect Pedicure This Summer With Orly

Before you step out of your ballet flats and slide into your new summer sandals, give your feet a little TLC with these at-home pedicure tips from celebrity manicurist and ORLY Professional Nail Care’s Australian Ambassador, Fiona Hay:

Fill your bowl with warm water, adding your favourite shower gel or essential oils and place it on bath mat in front of a comfortable chair. Soak feet for a few minutes, which will help remove old polish and make trimming nails much easier as they are softer, and less prone to splitting.

Remove one foot from the water, towel dry and remove any old polish. Then, trim nails if necessary by cutting straight across, once from each side, into the centre. Using your file, file straight across the top, then round off sharp corners. Next, buff the surface of the nail to remove any ridges and shine.

Next, apply ORLY Cutique generously to the cuticle area to soften cuticles and if you like, on heels as well before using a pedi paddle. While this is working, use a foot scrub to exfoliate the skin on your feet, and pedi paddle on calloused areas. Gently push cuticles back with your cuticle pusher or orangewood stick, to remove any excess skin that has grown over the nail. Then, repeat with your other foot.

Towel dry feet well. If you notice any excess cuticles, gently remove them using a cuticle nipper. Next, massage cuticle oil into the nails, concentrating on the cuticle area. Massage foot or body lotion to the entire foot and lower leg.

Use a cotton pad moistened with nail polish remover to remove all oils from the nail plate. Wind rolled tissue between the toes to separate, or use toe separators if your have them.

Apply ORLY Primetime to the nails, this will help with removing any oils remaining, balance the pH level of the nails to help your polish last longer.

Apply ORLY Bonder base coat, this provides the perfect surface for your polish to anchor to and also helps prevent staining. Then, apply two coats of your favourite ORLY nail lacquer, using thin, even strokes across the nail bed. ORLY Pixy Stix is a great pastel pink crème that looks great on toes. When it’s time for your top coat, apply ORLY Polishield - a fast drying, high shine, and resilient top coat.

Lastly, apply a drop of ORLY Flash Dry to each nail. This product will give you a touch-dry pedicure in just 60 seconds, so you’re ready to step out with a perfect pedicure in no time.

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