Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY Wedding Pillow Boxes

We came across this great idea for DIY wedding pillow boxes on Once Wed. Have your guests throw feathers, confetti, rose petals (or what ever you like), as you walk away for the first time as husband and wife! We just love love the little quote to accompany the pillow boxes… When the newly weds, walk your way, Toss the feathers and shout “HOORAY”.

What you will need
Decorative Paper 
Cardboard Pillow Boxes 
Feathers (or what ever you choose to put inside)
Paper glue

1. Use one of your pillow boxes as a template. Lay it down on your decorative paper and trace around it using a pencil. Trace two for every pillow box you will be covering.
2. Cut the shapes out using scissors.
3. Coat each side of the box with a thin, even layer of glue and stick on the shapes of paper.
4. When the glue has completely dried, close one end of the box by folding in the pre-scored flaps.
5. Cut a length of ribbon, wrap it around the middle of the box a couple of times and tie it off with a knot and finish a small bow. 
6. Fill your boxes with feathers, leaving the ends of the feathers sticking out.
7. Create a small tag for your box, on the computer, with instructions for your guests. Eg When the newly weds walk your way, toss the feathers and shout ‘HOORAY'. Cut out your tags and stick them on using a dot of glue. You can also create a larger sign with instructions to place near your displayed boxes. 
9. Arrange your pillows in a bowl or basket for your guests to take. 

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