Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Make Your Own Jewellery

Transform a handful of inexpensive costume pieces into stunning jewellery for yourself or give it as a gift! Start with a handful of inexpensive costume pieces – brooches and earrings with openwork designs – and give them a new-old coppery patina using spray paint. Then link them together and add pretty pink ribbon. No one will guess you didn't break the bank.

You Will Need
Costume brooches, or earrings with openwork designs
Wire cutters
Clear nail polish 
Copper spray paint
Paper towels
1/4-inch jump rings
Needlenose pliers
1 1/2-inch-wide silk ribbon, cut into two 24-inch lengths

1. Snap off brooch or earring backs using wire cutters, and sand down any sharp bits so they won't catch on clothing. For extra protection apply clear nail polish to the area and let it dry.

2. For an antique look, coat pieces with spray paint, then quickly rub off most of the paint with a paper towel. Let dry.

3. Using jump rings (metal rings that open and close) and pliers, connect pieces in a pleasing order. Attach a ring at each end: Thread each ribbon halfway through the end rings; knot each ribbon at ring if desired. Tie behind neck to wear.

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