Friday, October 14, 2011

Lace-Print Stationery

We came across this easy tutorial for lace printed stationery on Martha Stewart. Elegant, airy letter-writing supplies, slipped inside a blush-colored box, will lend a dreamy feeling to every word you write. Ink, lace, paper, and a simple printing method are all you need to create this set. 

1. Practice this technique a few times on scrap paper before printing stationery or gift tags. Trim the lace 1 inch or so longer than the item to be printed, to ensure clean edges. Cover work surface with paper to avoid unwanted ink smudges. 

2. Start with a sheet of glass (cut at a hardware store). Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the lace you will use, and tape its edges to prevent cuts. Using a brayer, spread a thin, even layer of water-based block-printing ink on the glass. Place the lace with the side to be printed facedown on the ink (the front of the lace often has more relief and will make a more detailed print). Firmly run the brayer over the lace once or twice. Thin lace should be completely saturated. 

3. Use a toothpick to lift a corner of the lace. With your fingertips, peel the lace from the glass. Then lay one end of the lace just off the paper on which you wish to print, and carefully place the rest down. Put a paper towel on top of the lace and roll firmly once or twice with a second, clean brayer; be careful not to shift the lace underneath. 

4. Peel off the lace, using the toothpick. Let dry.

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