Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Country Charm Boutonniere

We came across this great DIY project on Inspired Bride. Create this beautiful boutonniere from lavender and rosemary. It makes for a sweet accent to a country rustic wedding. Best of all, the elements of this design are readily available so there’s no reason not to try it out.  

What you will need
Floral Shears
Boutonniere Pin

1. Cut a few branches of all three herbs and strip the rosemary and oregano stems so that only the desired length of the herb’s leafy area remains. The stems should look like those shown above in the top right photo. 
2. Bundle the three herbs together and tie them together with a length of twine. Keep the twine knot in the front. 
3. Finish the piece by inserting a boutonniere pin through the knot.
4. When it comes time to pin on the boutonniere, it’s best to have someone other than yourself to pin in on you. Place the boutonniere on the center of your left lapel. From the back of the lapel, insert your boutonniere pin, cross over the stem, and re-insert into the fabric.

If you have a refrigerator without any fruit or vegetables in it, you can store your boutonniere in it for up to two days. Produce gives off an enzyme that will wilt your flowers if stored together. Otherwise, it’s best to make your boutonniere the night before or day of and keep it in a cool place. 

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