Friday, September 16, 2011

How To Make Your Own Storage Jar Labels


Dress up your storage jars with these pretty labels from Homelife. Made from air-hardening modeling clay, which means it doesn’t have to be fired. They are not only decorative but practical as well. The labels are written on in pencil, so you can erase the writing and drawings and update them as the contents of the storage jars change. Use a variety of labels in different shapes and sizes on each jar, creating some of the shapes with cookie cutters. Flowers, hearts, and stars look great in combination with the simpler shapes and rectangles, all tied to the jars with pretty ribbon. You can also add decoration to the labels, in the form of textural effects or buttons.  

Materials and equipment
Air-hardening white modeling clay
Pastry board and rolling pin
Plastic wrap (clingfilm)
Lace, leaves, or flowers (optional)
Acrylic paint (optional)
Sharp knife and cookie cutters
Skewer or tapestry needle
Buttons and craft glue (optional)
Plastic bag
Emery board or fine sandpaper
Ribbon and lace trim
How to
1. Begin by rolling out a piece of the clay on a pastry board using a rolling pin; keep the rest in plastic wrap (clingfilm) until needed. Roll the piece of clay out until it is approximately 2-3mm thick.

2. If you want to add texture, place a piece of lace, a leaf, or a flower on the clay just before doing the final rolling out. (If you wish, lightly paint the leaf first with acrylic paint, and lay it on the clay paint side down before doing the final rolling out of the clay, in order to leave a hint of color in the leaf impression in the clay. Any paint that splodges out can be removed when it is dry, in step 6.) After rolling the clay out, peel back the lace, leaf, or flower to reveal the texture.

3. With a sharp knife, cut the clay into squares and rectangles. Use cookie cutters to cut out flower or other shapes.

4. While the clay is still wet, use a skewer or tapestry needle to make a hole at the top all the way through the clay—the hole needs to be big enough to thread your ribbon through. If you want to decorate the shapes with buttons, press these into the clay while it is still wet.

5. Carefully peel the clay shapes off the pastry board and place them on a smoothed-out plastic bag to dry. Flip the clay over every few hours to help both sides to dry evenly.

6. When the clay is dry take the shapes outdoors and, using an emery board or fine sandpaper, rub away the rough edges.

7. Thread pieces of ribbon, lace trim, or wire through the holes, with the help of a needle if the holes are small, or by just poking the ribbon through. Add as many labels as you like to the ribbon.
8. If necessary, use glue to secure any buttons you’ve added. Write or draw on the labels with pencil to indicate the contents of each jar.

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