Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paper Lantern Ideas

Paper can do more for a party than serve as your guests' napkins. Whether the sun sets before or during your party, these paper lantern ideas from Marths Stewart set a festive and fun atmosphere…

These lanterns hanging from bamboo poles are origami balloons, fashioned around battery-operated lights and finished with ribbons.
This modern take on lanterns updates the look of a boring table with chic stripes printed onto vellum and wrapped around straight-sided square glass vases.

The soft light of paper lanterns sets a romantic mood. Two bags, one fitted over the other to form a box. The lanterns, strung on electric Christmas-tree lights and hung along branches, are tied with ribbon and sway gently in the evening breeze.

The intricate patterns shining through these lanterns are courtesy of doilies glued inside. Place a grouping of the lanterns in different sizes on a dinner table for a beautiful, glowing display.

Paper lanterns don't need to have lights in them to signal an instant party feel. String them above the deck as a festive decoration instead.

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