Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Expert Art Arranging Tips

Tired of boring bare walls, but don't know how to fill them? These expert tips tackle common art-arranging frustrations.

Don't pound a single nail before you do a little planning. Decide which pieces you want on the wall, then trace their shapes onto paper. Cut out the shapes and experiment with various placements. This small step will save your drywall from misplaced nail holes.

Start with a central, dominant image. Here, it's the silhouette potted peonies art. Radiate other pieces outward and upward around the central piece. Use artwork that hangs together well; look for similar colors, tones, and themes. Or try same-color frames to unite disparate pieces.

One of the best rules for arranging art is to throw out the rules! Who says art must be centered over a sofa, sideboard, or bed? Instead of centering, think balance. Here, a grouping of similar images on one side of the sofa balances the trio of industrial light fixtures on the other. Another idea: Extend your artwork over the edge of the sofa to visually expand your space.

Looking for a unique way to display art? Try taking it off the wall. Try peeks of art or photography on bookshelves, atop mantels, inside display armoires, or in unexpected spots, such as leaning against a chair back.

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