Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Decorating with Natural Elements

Better Homes & Gardens have shown us how to decorate with natural elements. You don't only have to use flowers now bits of nature and nature-inspired objects can create and organic look in your home.

Recycle a collection of glass bottles into an eye-catching mantel display. Gather interesting greenery from outdoors and place each piece in a different jar. Stagger jars according to shape and height, then place a mirror behind the collection to reflect light.

Bring the garden inside by creating a mini tabletop terrarium beneath a pretty cloche. Here, a small glass cloche is also a practical way to protect potted plants from being knocked over.

For a garden-fresh display, assemble a collection of mismatched glassware, along with interesting flowers, greenery, and moss from a garden or floral shop. Arrange your natural finds inside the glassware and group together on a tabletop. Aim for an eclectic collection of natural finds in different heights, sizes, and textures.

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