Friday, May 6, 2011

Make Stitched Handmade Cards

These simple stitched handmade cards from HomeLife, are incredibly easy to make and can be decorated with a range of motifs. A stitched initial is a lovely way to personalise a card, and perfect to add to your Mother's Day gift!

Mid weight card (art stores)
Embroidery needle (used as hole punch)
Emroidery thread or wool
Adhesive tape

1. Fold a piece of plain mid-weight card in half, then draw your design on the inside of the front cover using a light pencil.
2. Use the point of an embroidery needle to pierce holes at equal intervals along every line.
3. Using embroidery thread or wool, thread the needle then knot at one end. Starting from the inside, stitch around your design.
4. Tie off the thread and secure with adhesive tape.

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