Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Create a family tree


All families differ. Some are small, some extended, some blended. For young children it can be very difficult to conceptualise where they fit in and how we are all connected. Children use each of their senses to understand complex concepts, with sight at the top of the list. So HomeLife have devised a craft activity for you and your children using found objects from nature to create a visual, three-dimensional family tree.
What you will need:
large leafless branches that look like mini trees
a photograph (or photocopy) of each family member
marker pen

1. Glue the photograph or photocopy to cardboard. 
2. Cut around the images to create different shapes.
3. Create a small whole in the top of the shape. 
4. Use the string to attach the photos to the branches.
5. Label each tree with the name of each family member. 
6. Start with the oldest family members and work your way down the tree.

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