Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas From Martha Stewart

Get inspired by these pretty and practical ideas for a bridal shower tea Party from Martha Stewart.
Tea Shower Invitations
Start by sending guests invitations that fit the tea theme. These invites are tea bags with handwritten, accordion-pleated messages enclosed in pink envelopes.

Heart Doilies
Dress up a tea party with these adorable handmade doilies in the colors of your shower. They're easy to make and a great decoration for the tables at the shower.

Personalised Tea Bags
Serve up these personalised tea bags at the shower, or send guests home with them after the party is over. Simply place your favorite tea inside a glassine pouch. To get the classic tea bag shape, fold the corners in, then the top of the pouch down. Use a needle and thread to stitch closed, and add a tag. 

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