Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paper Daises

Materials & Equipment: 
Scrapbooking paper
Paper flowers

1. Cut circles out of the scrapbooking paper (two circles makes one daisy). Your circles can be any size you like, depending on how big you want your daisy to be.

2. Once you've cut your circles, make 8 cuts as shown below. Do not cut all the way through the circle - you will need to leave a small circle area in the centre where you will place the brad. 
Repeat this step for each layer of the daisy.

3. Fold the petals - each in half lengthways (as shown by the dotted lines).

4. Make holes in the centre of the layers, making sure the hole isn't too big (use a craft knife!)

5. Assemble the daisy by placing one layer on top of the other and securing them with a brad. Place a paper daisy underneath the brad for added effect!

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