Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DIY Furniture Transformations

Make the most of your furnishings by repurposing pieces into custom creations that look good and work hard. With these simple and affordable ideas, from Better Homes And Gardens, you'll be able to transform your ordinary furniture into fresh finds for your home.

Tray Chic 
Couple an adjustable-height stool with an oversize tray to create a chic side table. Apply construction adhesive between the stool top and tray to permanently connect the objects.

 Bookcase Buffet 
Convert bookcases into a custom store-and-serve buffet. Using wall anchors, hang a pair of bookcases horizontally while placing a third on the floor directly below. Mount the middle bookcase at counter height so it can be used as a serving station for cocktails.

Pillow Talk  
You'll have sweet dreams with this homemade headboard made of floor pillows. Shop for floor pillows that are of equal width of your bed when placed side by side. Stitch several plastic rings (sold at sewing centers) in a row to the back of each pillow near its top edge. Install nails or screws on the wall above the bed to hang the loops.

 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 
Pamper your pooch by building a bed made from an unused side table. Remove the top and doors, then cut away any support pieces. After sanding rough edges, apply a fresh coat of paint that will complement your space. Finish by placing a fluffy dog pillow inside.

Raise Your Glass 
Alter a simple armoire to create a storage-packed buffet. Cut the doors in half and remove the hinges to make room for a beverage bar and storage cabinets. Winery-inspired shelves create more space to house your favorite drinks. Finish with a fresh coat of paint.

Mirror Magic 
Save money and construct a custom frame by building your own around a mirrored closet door. Incorporate a piece of paintable textured wallcovering to the inset panel above the mirror. Try adding decorative trim or molding for an extra design motif.

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