Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Colour Without Paint

Lifestyle has come up with some really quirky DIY ways to get creative in colouring your home, without a paintbrush to be seen…
  • Use large arrangements of fruit and vegetables anywhere in the house. Arrange ripe colourful fruit in a bowl of either a neutral or contrasting colour.
  • Flowers never fail to liven up any space. Try displaying them in different ways, by placing a single flower in a vase or floating flowers in a bowl in the centre of the table. Long-lasting succulents make perfect centre pieces.
  • Put your food on display in the kitchen, with open shelves showing colourful tin labels and packaging.
  • Wallpapering is traditionally a permanent and expensive method of bringing colour into a room, but you don't have to cover an entire room. Just one strip on the wall can jazz up a room.
  • Invest in a painting you absolutely adore and it will never lose its value, to you anyway.
  • Don't overlook the everyday items like mugs, plates, and table settings. Go for everything in variations of the one colour or experiment with different colour combination's.
  • Use a brightly coloured sofa, coloured cushions, throws, rugs, all in rich colours, against a white wall.
  • Funky plastics and resins are all you need to liven up your photos and the top of any dresser. Keep them in odd numbers for perfect balance and symmetry.
Visit Lifestyle for more home decorating DIY ideas.

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