Tuesday, March 29, 2011

26 Paint Projects, Ideas, and Patterns

Got the itch to paint? Get inspired and try one of these decorative painting projects from Better Homes & Gardens, to personalise your home or update your furniture. Most of the projects won't take more than a weekend, but the results will last for years. Below are a few of our favourites…

Fake Centuries of Wear
Trowel on thin layers of paint to create the timeworn look of 
aged Venetian plaster in minutes instead of centuries.
 Paint a Pewter Finish
Give your furniture the contemporary chic look of hammered pewter. 
Simply sponge paint two light shades of silver paint over a darker hue.

Stencil for a Wallpaper Look  
Imitate the look of Old World wallpaper with stenciling. Not for the faint 
of heart, this advanced project delivers fabulous results worth the effort.

Put Pattern on the Wall
Go glam with a large-scale diamond pattern on a focal-point wall. Base-coat the wall, then lightly trace the diamonds onto it using a template cut from cardboard. Mark the top and bottom points of the diamond, then find its middle. From there, mark the horizontal left and right points. Tape the diamonds off and paint. For dimension, hammer upholstery tacks at the points where the diamonds intersect.

 Blend Colors for Impact
Paint waves of color on your walls in a subtly ascending pattern.
Unexpected and refined, this color-blending technique is the
perfect way to add an original finish to your rooms.

Visit Better Homes & Gardens for the full 26 ideas.

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