Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love Bomb

This Valentine's Day, give your special someone a floral gift with a difference! The girls from The Flower Drum show us how to make a love bomb, an ingenious twist on the standard dozen red roses… Holly from The Flower Drum talks us through the process…

Here’s what you will need.
  • A LOT of flowers. Depending on the size of your love, you may need up to 10 bunches!
  • Carnations and roses work best. “Carnations?!” I hear you say… just trust me on this one.
  • Floral foam – you can buy it in pre-made spheres which is really handy, usually available from florists and craft stores.
  • Scissors (don’t act surprised)
  • A large vessel of water to soak the floral foam.
  • Love, usually available from within, but also available from your local hardware store.

Trimming flowers, soaking foam balls.

1) Trim your flowers down, so the stem is about 1-2 inches long. Be sure to cut the stem on an angle for extra stabbing power. If you are using roses, take away any petals that have turned into crusty demons or have slightly discoloured.

2) While you are doing this, get your handy assistant (if you have one) to throw a foam ball into water, let it sink to the bottom to ensure it soaks up as much water as possible!

 Petal pushing!

3) Start petal pushing! Push the flower heads into the foam. We were feeling a bit fancy and decided to do designs on our flower bombs, you can see mine has a heart on it, however feel free to express your love in whatever design you want.

Halfway there…!

It can take a fair bit of time to make these, so don’t be making plans to meet your buddy at the movies in 5 minutes! You might just need their helping hand to finish filling in the underneath of the bomb. They can become very heavy, like 100 kilos heavy! You will see what I mean when you are making yours…

Getting a little help with the underside of the bomb

4) Keep plugging away until the flower bomb is looking completely gorgeous and lush, tie some string or ribbon through the top knot and you are ready to swing on over to your lovers' land and gift them with your creation!

All photos by Sarah Christensen
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