Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sensational Scrapbooks with Martha Stewart

For a fabulous way to keep all your memories in your very own personalised scrapbook, look no further than this great tutorial from Martha Stewart…

Here's a way to create a scrapbook that's as special as the photos and other keepsakes it holds. Start with a fabric-covered album, and personalize it with decorative touches. We modified this one in two ways: covering the plain pages with patterned papers and adding a metallic monogram to the cover.

Step 1 | The Album-Page How-To  
Cut decorative paper to the same size as the album's pages.

Step 2 Arrange photos and card stock labels on one of the decorative pages. Flip items over, and mark the corners as shown, 1/2 inch from corners.

Step 3 Use those marks to determine where to cut slits in the decorative paper to insert the corners of photos and labels.

Step 4 Apply glue stick to back of decorative paper, avoiding slits. Position on album page, and smooth to adhere.

Step 5
Slide pictures and card stock labels into the slits cut into the decorative papers.

Step 6 | The Monogram How-To Position stencil (see Tools and Materials dropdown list, above) on album cover, and adhere with tape.

Step 7 Apply matte medium to inside of stencil with foam paintbrush to prime (this will seal the fabric and prevent the paint from bleeding). Let dry for 2 minutes. Clean brush.

Step 8 Stencil letter again, this time using metallic paint. Let dry, and remove stencil.

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