Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glittered Snowflake Garland

With their fanciful geometric designs, delicate snowflakes are the perfect inspiration for winter craft projects

Festoon your living room with garlands of shimmering snowflakes. To make flakes sparkle, apply spray adhesive or dab gently with a sponge-tipped glue applicator, then sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess, let dry; thread onto satin ribbon. Affix to mantelpiece or walls with poster putty.

Grace your panes with paper snowflakes, attaching them with poster putty. Or make a wreath of snowflakes by sticking them one at a time to a wall with poster putty. Kids can happily occupy themselves cutting out dozens of paper snowflakes. Then adults can step in with thread and tape, and together you can watch your family's own gentle blizzard materialize.

1. Start with a square piece of paper. Fold the paper in half diagonally to make a triangle.

2. Now, fold the triangle in half so the pointy corners meet.

3. Fold your triangle into thirds.

4. Fold into the shape as shown. You may need to adjust these folds a little to get the sides to match up, so don't crease the paper until the folds are just right.

5. Cut across the bottom of your paper so it is straight.

6. Cut the folded paper with variations of straight and curvy lines. Get creative with your snowflake designs by experimenting with different sizes and shapes of cutouts.

7. Gently unfold the paper to see your unique snowflake. Use poster putty to attach to windowpanes, or make a wreath of snowflakes by sticking them one at a time to a wall with poster putty.

The holiday season is upon us, and it seems there is never enough time to get everything done. For more quick and easy craft ideas visit Marthastewart 

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