Thursday, December 2, 2010

Balsa Wood Christmas Ornament How-To Video

The Bride's Diary team love these quaint Christmas tree ornaments from Shona Studios . The handy how-to will have you creating these whimsical decorations in no time!

Supplies needed:

- Background paper. Click here for the tutorial on making background papers.  
- Balsa wood, which is a super light weight wood that is typically used in the crafting of model airplanes and so on. I did a quick search to see where you can get it online and I found it here at JoAnn's fabric store.
- Craft knife (and cutting board) and or scissors 
- awl or bead reamer to punch a small hole 
- Rubber stamp. I used a stamp that I got from Stampington & Co. in my capacity as an Artist On Call for them. 
- Glue, I used a regular glue stick
- 26 gauge jewelry wire and wire cutter
- Craft paint and brush
- 7 inches of thin ribbon
- some beads for decoration

Visit Shona Studios

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