Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Modern Crafty Christmas Wreath

The Bride's Diary team have fallen in love with this modern, crafty take on the Christmas Wreath, by All Things Heart and Home. Robin from All Things Heart and Home saw a gorgeous wreath at Madeline Bea: Life Set to Words last January and just knew she had to try one for Christmas 2010!

Step one: Create the Yarn balls! Yarn balls are super easy, you don’t even need glue! Grab a bunch of Styrofoam balls of all sizes… yarn in 3 colors that you adore and start wrapping. No glue needed! Just tuck in the end piece when you’re done! You will need loads…I had around 30!

Then you’ll need 50 plus Christmas balls! The dollar store is stocked right now and they come in packs of 7! Run out and get some before they’re picked over…won’t be long.

A (wire) wreath-form anchors the lovely BOB! (That’s bunch of balls!)

A glue gun that is high heat and high heat glue sticks are your other tools…turn the wreath form so it looks like a bowl and start laying out the first layer…

I had freezer paper underneath so the glue wouldn’t stick but I found it was easier to glue and press while the wreath frame was lifted. Only takes a few seconds to cool!

After the first layer was glued on I turned the wreath over and went over each ball with more glue.

Then I simply built on that first layer…you can get carried away I’m tellin you! The wreath doesn’t have to be this thick …you could use fewer balls and it would look great!

Visit www.allthingsheartandhome.com for more great Christmas ideas

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