Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tea Towel Cupcakes

 Yoonie-At-Home recently made these gorgeous Tea Towel Cupcakes for a housewarming gift. We agree they would make a very unique and thoughtful gift for housewarming parties, 
kitchen teas, or even just to decorate your own home!

What you need: 

• Circle Puncher 
• Red and Green Scrap Paper 
• A Leaf Puncher 
• Ribbons 
• Paper Cupcake Liners 
• Toothpicks 
• Double Sided Tape 
• Small Hand - Kitchen Towelettes 
• Packaging Plastics.

The size of your towels will determine the size of your cupcakes. They're supposed to be dainty, so pick rectangular towels. I actually did one at the store to determine the right size (one that fits a cupcake liner.) Do this if you don't want to end up with 2 dozen towels that are wrong in size!

I chose these lovely ribbed kitchen towels. They have a beautiful texture and only RM2 each from Jusco. Usually towelettes come in sets of 4s and 5s and in a range of coordinating colours. Pick one according to your colour theme. And yes, rectangular ones work perfectly. You'll see what I mean.

• Prepare the cherry on top. Punch red circles (the cherry on top), or if you have other cute punches, other printed cupcake toppers will also do. Punch leaves. Enough for the amount of towels you have. Use a double sided tape and sandwich a toothpick with the leaf in the middle. Press and set aside.

• Here comes the tricky part. It's not that hard once you get the first one right. Almost like origami or linen napkin folding. Spread a towel on a flat surface just like on the picture.

• Fold the top and bottom of the towel to the middle.

• Fold again into the middle. The height of the teatowel cupcake is determined here. So use your noodles and figure out a good height. No worries, you can undo the towel and try again.

• In one corner fold down to make a triangle.

• Pick the folded down corner and fold upwards to make the triangle thicker. Making sure the pointed triangle is slightly jutting out of your line of towel. This will form the peak of your cupcake.

 • Roll around the peak once. You'll find that the towel will slant a little. This is good and natural for the next step.

 • Tighten the roll as you go. Now, fold the band of towel outwards as in the picture. Continue the roll and folding outwards as you go.

• Rolling...

 • Wrapping...

• Now the towel looks like a big dollop of cream. Hold firmly.

• Tie a ribbon slightly above the last fold to secure. I find gross grain ribbons work better. The silky ones require a lot of skill since it is slippery. I struggled at first, but you'll get the hang of it after the 3rd and so on. If not, get a nimble assistant to tie the ribbon while you hold on to one.
• Push the cherry sticks on top and place them on a cupcake liner each. Easy-Peasy, Super Cute!

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