Friday, August 13, 2010

Printing on Ribbon

This easy how-to by The City Cradle shows how to print on ribbon - a great way to personalise gifts, place-settings, bomboniere and more - the possibilities are endless and the results  are superb!

Materials needed for ribbon printing:
• An injet printer (if you don’t have one they are super cheap to pick up thrifted)
• A length of ribbon (I have found flat/ matte ribbons work the best)
• A small amount of double sided tape

How to print on ribbon:• Print out a copy of the words you would like to appear on the ribbon to check for spacing.
• Cut your ribbon to size and double tape the ends onto your printed paper, be sure to cover the words exactly, text will print on the ribbon exactly where your words are placed.
• Run the paper with ribbon attached through the printer on the heavy paper setting.
• Let dry *Important, do not touch the ribbon for about 20 minutes to insure the ink has time to set.
• Peal off the ribbon and enjoy your creation!

Use your ribbon to adorn a surprise gift, to personalize a birthday card, or to make a stash of exceptionally lovely party labels.

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