Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hair Vine

We love this hair vine by Cut Out & Keep. A hair vine is a wire with beads on it that you put in your hair in lots of different ways. You can attach hair clips, elastic, wind it round a bun - the options are endless. A home made hair vine is a great way to perfectly colour match your hair accessories with your wedding colour scheme.

• Get your tools, wire, beads and tape measure together.

• Measure 70 inches/178cm of wire and cut it.

• Bend the wire in half and make a loop by twisting the wire. Twist it for about an inch, I use the tip of my thumb to the knuckle as a guide.

• Thread beads onto one of the wires

• Twist that wire back on itself so you have a branch about an inch long

• Then twist the wire for another inch and make a branch on the other side. Keep doing this for most of the length.

• Leave some wire at the other end to make another loop.

• Make the loop about an inch from your last branch and twist the wire back onto itself up to that branch

• Cut the wire ends off and make sure they are not sticking out. I flattened the loop a bit with some flat pliers too.
• Now you have a hire vine to do with as you wish. As I have short hair I put some elastic on mine and use it as an alice band but sometimes put hair grips in it so I can put it in anyway I wish.

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