Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Silk Wrapped Votive Candles

Adding a few small, sumptuous details to your table will make your event feel luxurious, even if you aren't spending a fortune! For a bit of sparkle,
Project Wedding wrapped regular, glass votives in small pieces of silk fabric. The result is gorgeous and textured, and once lit, the light bounces of the silk in a really pretty way. Silk is available in an array of gorgeous hues so take a trip to the fabric store and be inspired!

This simple and effective idea from
Project Wedding works well for weddings, engagements, birthdays or even dinner parties!

You will need:

• Silk Fabric (about 1 yard per 20 votives) We used two colors.
• Scissors
• Glass votives
• Double stick tape


1. Wrap a piece of fabric around one candle to see approximately how much you will need per candle. Cut a piece out to size and then use that as a pattern for the rest of the pieces.

2. When cutting the silk, make a small cut in the fabric and then tear the fabric. The raw, frayed edges add a great texture.
3. Make sure the top of the fabric is just below the glass rim of the votive.
4. Secure on the candle with a piece of double stick tape.

Tip: Style the candles in two different colors, in mass or as an accent with floral centerpieces. As always with candles, have your caterer or helper light them right before the event and don't leave them in an unattended room.

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