Friday, June 11, 2010

Origami Gift Box

These cute Origami Gift Boxes by Cut Out & Keep are a great homemade bomboniere box idea. Your guests will love the thoughtfulness of the homemade touch and they will add decorative flair to your table-settings.

They may look fancy, but it's really all based off of 8 simple folds.

• Start out with 2 sheets of computer paper. Make the largest square possible out of each one, and put everything but one square aside.

• Fold the corners together, and unfold

• Fold two opposite corners into the center

• Then fold those folds into the center.

• Unfold.

• Do the same to the other two corners

• Unfold again!

• See that group of 4 squares in the center that my fingers are outlining? That will be the bottom of the box. You can outline them in pencil if that'll help.

• Fold a corner over along the "bottom" edge, and crease hard (you'll be tearing soon)

• Tear these four lines, only until you reach the "bottom" square.

• Fold.

• Fold.

•Fold, fold, fold.

• Hold the two pointy tabs together so they form kind of one continuous side.

• Then fold the long strip over, and....

• ...down, to secure the two pointy things.

• Do the same for the other side, and then fold your other square the same way to make a lid.

Note: it doesn't really matter that the lid is the same size as the bottom-- it's paper, so most likely the lid will fit on fine (I've never had problems with that anyhow)

• Make a bow! Remember those two rectangles we have left over? Cut those each into four thin strips.

• Simple loopy bow shape. Glue the ends in place.

• Stack them!

• Glue them onto the lid! Experiment with the bow too-- the possibilities are virtually endless!

Cut Out & Keep

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