Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Decorate with Paper

Looking for ways to transform a neutral living space? Better Homes & Gardens have some great tips for updating you living space with paper - simple, easy and effective...

Exotic Oriental papers transform the neutral furnishings and blue walls of the apartment above from bland to beautiful. The first project: Add glam to an inexpensive lampshade by attaching a wide band of colorful paper with glue. Smaller bands of paper around the top and bottom edges give it a finished look.

Create artwork to ooh and aah over by covering inexpensive 12-x-12-inch artist canvases with attractive paper patterns. Wrap the canvas like a present with a 1- to 2-inch overhang. Attach the paper to the front with double-stick tape, and secure the excess paper to the frame's back with electrical tape.

A clear acrylic tray provides a window of opportunity to showcase a paper print, bringing a dose of much-needed color to this coffee table. Attach paper to the underside of the tray using double-stick tape or, to keep your options open, simply lay the paper inside.

Paper just isn't practical for some purposes, such as soft and comfy throw pillows. Enter heat-transfer paper, which allows you to tattoo your favorite paper designs onto fabric. A copy center will reproduce a paper image onto an 11-x-17-inch sheet of transfer paper for less than $4. Transfer the design to fabric using an iron and following the paper manufacturer's instructions. For an eye-catching change of scale, the patterns used on these pillows were enlarged by 250 to 400 percent before being copied to transfer paper.

Don't forget to dress your accessories in personalised designs. It took just five minutes to wrap this journal with a paper belt and a few seconds more to slip a leftover paper scrap into a photo pocket on the album.

Visit Better Homes & Gardens for more ideas on decorating with paper.

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