Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cream Felt Flower

This cute cream felt flower by Cut Out + Keep is so easy to make and very stylish - it would make a great table decoration for a wedding - make lots in your wedding colours and scatter them around the tables. It would also make a beautiful accent to your bomboniere/favours or you could use it to embellish your place cards and menus... the uses for this simple-to-make felt flower are endless!

What you need:

• Circles of felt in your chosen colours
• Needle and thread
• Stuffing
• Bead embellishments


• Cut felt.

• Connect all the tips of flower pieces together with thread... as shown below.

•Stuff it with a small amount of stuffing.

•Pull the thread taut to form a flower shape.

• Sew the pearl in the top of the flower. This is an embellishment that is not needed to hold the flower together - you could use any type of bead or no beads at all! The choice is yours!

• Voila! The flower is complete

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