Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day "Love" Charm

While looking for ways to personalise a Mother's Day gift, we found this great tutorial on About.com. The easy to follow instructions detail how to make a beautiful charm using Rose Quartz - the crystal of the heart. The gorgeous charm could be used as a necklace or even earrings.

Show your Mum how much you love her with this easy to make rose quartz pendant. Once the pendant is complete, the happy recipient can add it to a sterling chain or even a strand of ribbon would be perfect to dangle this from.

You'll need:

approx. 1 inch medium weight link chain - 9 links long
1 - 8mm rose quartz round bead
6 - 6mm rose quartz heart beads
4 - 4mm AB bicon crystal beads
11 sterling head pins
1 - 5mm sterling jump ring Round-nosed pliers
Flat-nosed pliers
Wire cutters


1. Begin by using wire cutters to cut off about an inch of chain. You need a piece that has about 9 links in it.

2. Slip the 8mm rose quartz bead onto a head pin, and use the wrapped loop technique to add it to one end of the chain.

3. Next slip one rose quartz heart bead onto one head pin, and use the unwrapped (aka simple loop) method to make a loop at the top of the heart bead. Repeat this so tht you have made 4 crystal and 6 heart dangle pieces.

4. Now you are ready to attach all of the dangles previously made to the chain. Starting with the next link on the chain, right after the one that you connected the 8mm bead to, slip on one heart bead onto either side of the link. Skip a link, and then repeat this with two crystal dangles. Continue until you end up with the last two heart dangles at the top.

5. Finally, add a jump ring to the top of the chain.

Want to make a set? Make two more pendants and add ear wires to the top of each jump ring.

Visit about.com for more Mother's Day ideas.

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