Monday, May 10, 2010

Fridge Magnet Tutorial

We found this great tutorial for Fridge Magnets on the Snickerdoodle Creations blog. This is a fun and easy project. It's great to do with children - and they will love to use the magnets afterwards to hand their own special creations on the fridge... 

You will need:

• A needle and thread 

• Magnets Cotton 
• Fabric Scraps
• A Marker
• A CD or DVD (to trace around) 
• A pair of Scissors Some polyfibre fill
• A hot glue gun 
• Some plastic milk bottle lids


• Take the CD/DVD and place it on your fabric. Trace around it with your marker:

• Cut out the circle and place it with the right side of the fabric facing your work surface. Take a little of the polyfibre fill and put it inside the milk bottle lid. You will need enough polyfibre fill in there so that it extends a little over the top of the milk bottle lid when squashed down:

• Thread your needle with cotton and while holding the polyfibre fill in place inside the milk bottle lid, carefully turn the lid over and place it in the centre of your fabric circle (The polyfibre fill will be touching the fabric). Pull up two sides of your fabric circle and sew a stitch to hold it in place:

• Next, you need to sew all of the sides of your fabric circle together so that it becomes tight around the milk bottle lid. You will not be able to see these stitches once the magnet is stuck on, so just keep sewing until you are happy with how it will look from the front:

• Heat up your hot glue gun and when ready place some glue on the magnet, remembering not to glue too close to the edge or it will spurt out the sides when you stick it on.

• Quickly press the glued side of the magnet onto the milk bottle lid (the side with the stitches showing) and press together VERY hard for approximately 30 seconds. If you do not press extremely hard while doing this step, you may find that your magnet does not adhere well to your fabric.

• Next, place them on your fridge and you are done:

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