Friday, May 7, 2010

Forever Flowers for Mother's Day

Flowers are a traditional gift for Mother's Day, so why not hand craft some flowers that your Mum can keep forever? We found this great tutorial for "Forever Flowers" on the Happy Together blog.

If you or someone you know loves flowers, why not give them some that will last forever? (Or close enough to forever :) You can make a whole bunch, or just a few.

Here is what you will need:
-Fake flowers (maybe you have some old arrangements somewhere or found some at a thrift store? Have none at all? Well the dollar store is chuck full of fake flowers!).
-Paint (I used spray paint and acrylic paint. Read further down on my experience with these)
-Scrap fabrics (I used mostly quilting cottons and tulle. If you don't have many scraps, I highly recommend looking on Etsy for scrap packs. I bought a pack from Thomas Park Gifts and those were pretty much what I used for this whole thing. They shipped them super fast too!
-Buttons (optional)
-Glue (to glue on buttons; I used a hot glue gun)
-Spray Starch
-Wire Cutters
-Writing utensil (I used a pen)
-Mod Podge

Take the flowers you want

and cut them apart if you like.

Then pull them apart! I seperated them by flowers, leaves, and stems.

For the Flowers:

Take your scrap fabrics and flowers. Take each petal and trace it on the back of fabric.

Then cut them out. I kept mine together. I also didn't do every single petal on my flowers because I felt that would be too much and you wouldn't see the fabric as well. I also cut out circles of tulle to add into some randomly.

Lay out the petals on the floor and spray them with starch. This will allow them to not look flimsy. This really helps them out a lot!

Then, clip a little slit right in the middle of each petal so it can fit over the stem later on.

You can also paint flowers. I first sprayed these with spray paint for a good base coat. I found that the paint comes off easily from the stems and had to repaint them with acrylic paint. After everything was painted how I wanted it, I painted on a coat of Mod Podge.

For the stems:

Again, I spray painted these first, but had to touch up with acrylic paint as the spray paint flaked bad. Once dry, I painted on a layer of Mod Podge.

For the Leaves:

Same as the stems. But, I also painted some various things on them. I did stripes, polka dots, squiggles, etc. I was going for a whimsical feel.

Putting it all Together:

Just put them together how you took them apart. Make sure you use all those extra plastic pieces that give the flowers an extra poof when underneath them. Mine were leaves first

then the bottom piece and so on....

You can ever add a button in the middle

instead of what it came with if you like.

And yes, I also painted the vases. I have quite a few, so I took to spray painting them as well then coating them with acrylic paint. I then finished them off with a sealer (you can use mod podge).

Now, how cute are these? I'm thinking of even making something similar for a hair piece or a pin. Have fun! Make them your own! If you do make some, feel free to add them to the flickr group to share.

For more great Tutorials visit Happy Together

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