Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fabric Lid Jar Tutorial

We found this great tutorial for jazzing up your DIY supplies storage jars on The Cottage Home blog. As you gather more craft and DIY supplies this is a great way to keep your space neat and stylish! The tutorial from The Cottage Home:

Mason jar with lid
Spray paint
Scraps of fabric
Strong glue - I like Fabri-Tac


You will need to use the inner and the outer portions of the lid for this project.

This project is great for using up your scraps of fabric, so pull out your scrap bin to find some fun fabrics you would like to use.

Spread out a plastic bag outside and lay all of the outer parts of the lids on the ground.  I sprayed one other additional lid that was a little different - you can see it to the bottom right corner.

Spray paint the outer portions of the lids.  I used a brown spray paint that I had on hand from another project, but you could totally jazz these up even more and use a fun, bright color.  Let these dry overnight.

Lay the inner part of the lid onto your fabric.

Trace around the lid with your pen.  Don't worry about the pen on the fabric because the very edge will not even show.

Now you have a circle drawn onto your fabric.  I doubled up my fabric and cut two circles at one time.

Use your scissors to cut the circle out of your fabric.

Turn the inner portion of the lid, side up, and apply glue all over the top.

Press your fabric on top of the inner portion of the lid.  Securing the fabric to the lid.

Now take the spray-painted outer lid and place some glue around the inner edge.

Turn the inner portion of the lid upside down and press it into the glue in the outer portion of the lid.  Allow to dry for about an hour.

And there you have it, pretty fabric topped mason jars!

I'm in love with these blue mason jars - they just shout vintage to me.

For these two jars, I used some fabric from Amy Butler "Love" and Heather Bailey's "Nicey Jane".

Visit The Cottage Home for more great ideas.

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