Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tools of the Trade!

Cupcake Flair by Miriam recently blogged about the equipment she uses to create her absolutely delicious cupcakes (the BD team cannot get enough of them!). Her blog contains some very useful advice for all you DIY cupcakers out there, and some scrummy pics for inspiration! To view Miriam's mouthwatering cupcakes visit

Cupcake Flair by Miriam's Tools of the Trade:

Every good Cupcake Chef needs a good basic set of tools. Here is a small selection of my favourites.

Piping Bag, Piping Tips, Spatula - Visit your local kitchenware shop or order online from Wilton, they have fantastic starter kits with various piping tips, couplers and piping bags. A few essential piping tips include, star tip, round tip (for writing and vines), leaf tip, petal tip, basket weave tip. For piping cupcake frosting swirls it is best to buy plastic cream horns the metal star tips are simply not large enough to get a perfect swirl.

My Kenwood Patissier Mixer - Fantastic investment, I have tried cheaper brands and it simply not worth it. You really need a mixer with a large motor which can handle 'heavy' mixing.

Cupcake Papers - I must have at least 500 cupcake papers in my cupboard at the moment. I actually really like the papers you can buy at Woolworths and Bi-Lo. For a few $'s you get a mixed pack of 100 papers in approx 5-6 colours.

Cupcake Courier - Makes transporting your cupcakes a breeze. Don't get fooled into buying a cheap version, you need one with plenty of height above each layer to allow room for your frosting and decorations. The cheap versions have thin plastic layers which bend under the weight of your cupcakes and squash the ones beneath.
For more tips and tricks of the Cupcake trade and to view Miriam's mouthwatering cupcakes visit

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