Monday, April 19, 2010

Teapot Flower Arrangement How-To

This fabulous tutorial from Design*Sponge will show you how to make a beautiful floral arrangement using something we all have around the kitchen - a teapot!

Some basic principles for flowers:
  • Clean all leaves, stems or thorns that will sit below the water-line in whatever container you use.
    Use sharp tools and clean, cool water.
  • Give flowers a fresh, angled cut and change the water every other day.
  • Try adding a dash of lemon-lime soda (like 7up or Sprite) to the water – the sugar perks up the blooms!
  • Try adding a few (just a few) drops of bleach to the water – it will keep the stem-rotting bacteria at bay.
  • For tough or woody stems, use warm water and try snapping the stem with your hands instead of cutting. The splintered stems increase surface area for the water to travel up to the project:
  • When in doubt, cut the stems short, so that the heads of the flower rise just above the neck of the vase. This pavé style is very European and chic.
Teapot How-To:

Sometimes I prefer unopened garden roses to roses in full bloom. The tight petals have such a wonderful texture. I combined garden jasmine and mint leaves with the roses to give this arrangement amazing fragrance. And no major design work required here…simply group each bunch together in a teapot and there you have it!

1) Remember to clean all leaves and thorns off the flowers that will fall below the water line.

2) Measure flowers against the teapot and cut the ends with a sharp clippers or knife at an angle.

3) Cut the stems so that the blooms of the flowers sit just above the neck of the container. With a teapot, the opening is not as wide as a typical vase, so be careful not to overcrowd the flowers.

4) Place the rose bunch in the teapot first, then tuck in mint and jasmine. You can use one hand to scoot the roses to the side and the other to tuck in the groupings of other flowers.

Rose cleaning tips – It goes without saying that you should be very careful cleaning roses! The thorns can actually carry a dangerous fungus that can enter your body through a skin prick. Although this is rare, see a doctor if you develop strange skin reactions or become very ill after you know you have been pierced by a rose thorn.

Handle the rose by holding it securely in a non-thorny place with one hand – this is typically toward the very top of the stem, just under the bloom. With the other hand, begin to cut off the leaves and thorns. If you slowly twirl the rose as you cut (leaves and thorns wrap all the way around a stem) you can be sure to gain access to all the leaves and stems. Continue down the stem to the bottom. Once you have cleared the stem, the rose should be easy to work with! I suggest cleaning the roses thorough before any of the design work on the teapot.

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  1. Lovely flowers! Wish I can also arrange beautiful flowers like that. I want to learn how to arrange flowers cause it so interesting. Anyway,Thanks for guiding me through this. I will try to make something like that this weekend. Keep posting!

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