Thursday, April 22, 2010

Giant Cupcake Cake

Kalleen from the fantastic creative blog At Second Street recently blogged about the giant cupcake cake she made for her daughter's first birthday. We are so impressed with the results that we just had to share it with you!

I love cupcakes. I've been wanting to make my baby a giant cupcake for her birthday for a while. Wilton makes a cool pan, I wanted one but couldn't get over the $30 price tag. So I came up with this method instead.

I used two pans. One is 5" and the other is 6" I already had the 5" and the 6" was $6 at Walmart. I didn't mind spending the money since I know I will actually use this pan again.

I made two of the 5" cakes and one 6"cake. (I used one cake mix for all three).

Once they were stacked I measured the hight of the bottom half for my "liner."

I made a batch of my super easy marshmallow fondant found HERE. I rolled it out and cut strips with the paper I used to measure the bottom.

Then I made uneven indentations in each of the strips to create the folds of the "liner."

Next I trimmed the top of the cake till it was the shape I wanted.

I frosted the bottom between layers and all around the outside. Then I attached the strips of fondant. I placed the ends tightly together so that it looked like one continuous piece.

Then I frosted the top. I started by frosting a thin layer over the entire top. Then I used a zip-lock baggie to add big dollopy circles around the bottom of the top of the cupcake. After that, I spread a thicker coat over the rest of the top and blended in the very tops of the dollops.

I added a candle and some sprinkles and was done.

For more creative ideas visit At Second Street

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