Monday, April 12, 2010

Garden Pot Pick-Me-Up

This fabulous project is from Design*Sponge and will show you how to breathe new life into your pot plants…

1. pots, jars, etc. – anything suitable for planting
2. stickers (the garage sale label dots are perfect)
3. masking or painters tape
4. scissors
5. spray paint in various colors
6. waterproof sealant spray
7. exacto blade

1. Clean off your pots/containers and dry them completely. it’s okay if your terra cotta pots aren’t spotless, just clean them as best you can and dry them. 

2. For the polka dot pots, simply place the dot label stickers on the surface of a pot in a random pattern, trying to space them equally apart. rub over the stickers firmly with your fingers to get rid of any air bubbles and to ensure the stickers are fully stuck to the surface. 

3. For the triangle design, use your scissors to cut the painter’s tape into small squares. then cut the squares on half at a 45 degree angle to create identical right triangles. place these however you wish to create a geometric pattern. again, make sure you rub the tape firmly to stick it down on the surface with no lumps or wrinkles.

4. For the diagonal stripe design, take a strip of tape (i bought a thinner tape with a 1/2″ width for this one. it should be available at art stores, or you can try to cut your regular tape into thinner widths) and run it along the jar or pot at a roughly 60 degree angle. user your fingers to push down the tape around any bumps or curves on the pot and eyeball the line of the tape to make sure it stays consistent. then follow with another piece of tape, eyeballing the distance between the two pieces and keeping that distance constant. you can smooth the tape over the bottom and top of the container/pot because you will not see these surfaces once the pot has a plant in it.

5. When all of your containers have their designs taped on, take them to a well ventilated area with a large painting surface spread out (cardboard or a tarp works great). spray them with an even coat of paint from all angles, letting the pot dry before moving or turning it for further spraying to avoid any smudges. if you are using different colors, you need to have at least 3 feet of distance between pots so one color paint doesn’t travel onto another color pot while painting. let all pots dry completely.

6. Once pots are dry, use the exacto blade to pull off the stickers one at a time, peeling them away gently to expose the non-painted surface.

7. Once all stickers are removed, spray all pots with a coat of waterproof sealant, which will protect your designs, and allow them to dry.

8. Put a pretty plant inside, give to a friend or keep for yourself, and try not to kill it by over-watering…shame on me.

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