Friday, April 9, 2010

Chalkboard Frame

This fabulous tutorial is from B*Spoke and will show you how you can create a gorgeous chalkboard in 4 simple steps…  So read on, and make sure you visit B*Spoke for more fabulous projects like this one.

(1) Find a Frame | Any frame will work for this project. Choose a size that will fit the space you have to hang your chalkboard, and make sure that if the frame is missing the glass, you have a piece cut at your local hardware store. I picked up this relic at a garage sale for only a buck, because I was in love with the ornate details.

(2) Add Some Color | If you aren’t in love with the color of your frame (I just wasn’t digging that rusty yellowish gold hue), coat it with an even layer of spray paint. I chose to use flat paint because a) it was what I had sitting around the house, and b) it went well with the flat texture of the chalkboard paint.

(3) Chalk it Up | Use a small foam roller to paint the piece of glass with several thick coats of chalkboard paint. I did 4 or 5 coats, and allowed plenty of drying time. It is recommended that you wait 3 – 4 days before writing on your new chalkboard surface. Patience isn’t a strong point for me, but I survived the wait! Once your chalked up glass is fully dry, place it in the frame, and use a piece of chalk to “charge it”. You will use the long flat side of the chalk to cover the entire surface, and then use a wet sponge to clean it off. Once it’s dry, your chalkboard is ready for use!

(4) Hang and Admire | Find a spot for your new chalkboard, and hang it as you would any picture frame. Scribble notes, to-do lists, or doodles, then stand back to admire your handiwork!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!
    I followed it perfectly - unfortunately as I started to write on my chalkboard for the first time, it chipped in one area completely. Any tips on what to do?

  2. instead of the glass, use a piece of thin wood . that helps with the chipping.