Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Made With Love: Bookplates

Bookplates are a charming throwback to yesteryear, and a cute way to ensure that once your friends are done reading your books, they are successfully returned to their loving owner (you!)…
We found this great DIY tutorial on Design*Sponge

– printer
– paper
– paper cutter or straight edge and scissors
– spray mount adhesive or glue stick

- Download and print the template of your choice onto high quality paper.

- Using the guide marks, cut apart plates. A paper cutter makes this much more precise, but scissors and a ruler work just fine in a pinch.

- My printer has a tendency to play with the scale when it prints, so feel free to trim up as necessary if yours does the same.

- Using spray mount (or a light coat from a glue stick) center each bookplate in the middle of the front cover page. 

- Bookplates make amazingly easy (and awesomely affordable) gifts. I like to make up a little paper envelope to stash 20 or so in and glue a sample on the cover so the recipient knows what’s in store.

Visit Design*Sponge

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