Friday, March 19, 2010

Hand-stamped Business Cards

Business Cards are a very important feature of any business and it's important to have a business card that is unique and memorable. But that doesn't necessarily mean that your business cards have to be an expensive venture as we have found this fabulous DIY project on Design*Sponge that will teach you how to create the most fabulous business cards on your own. So read through the instructions, and then make sure you pop over to Design*Sponge for more great projects like this one…

What you’ll need:
– Small manila shipping tags,
– Custom stamp kit

– Ink pad

- Using small tweezers, place each letter in it’s place

 - Make sure to spell each word backwards, it takes some getting used to but if you start each word on the right moving left, it’s significantly easier.

- Test the placement of your spacing by stamping a few tags and shift them accordingly!

Visit Design*Sponge

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  1. these are cute and clever cards..I really like it and wish to design Metal business cards same like that.