Friday, March 12, 2010

Dinner Table Place Cards

Create place cards for the dinner table accompanying image

Named place cards add a pretty touch to the entertainer's dining table, as well as letting you seat certain groups together – or apart as the case may be!

What you will need
  • Midweight cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • ¼-inch hole punch;
  • Scalpel;
  • String;
  • 1 button for each card
  • Bird template
  1. Download the bird template. Cut out template and use to trace and cut desired number of place cards.
  2. Use the ¼ inch hole punch to add a border around the edge of the card. Use the scalpel to cut a buttonhole at the base of the body of the bird. Write a guest’s name on each card.
  3. To finish, cut a length of string for each place setting, thread a button onto each length and tie string loosely around a folded napkin, with button at the top. Slide the button through the buttonhole on the card to secure in place.
Photography: Scott Hawkins  Styling: Jo Carmichael

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