Thursday, March 4, 2010

Curvy Purse Favour Box

We found this fabulous tutorial on Cuttlebug Challenges, and it will show you how to make this beautiful Curvy Purse Favour Box… There is also a link over to similar tutorials from Martha Stewart, and a link to download the templates as a PDF file. Happy crafting!…

  • Provo Craft Plum Blossom 5x7 embossing folder
  • 3 purse box templates, computer, & printer
  • cardstock for purse shape front & pack (1 sheet of 100lb)
  • 2 sheets of any cardstock (for box & pocket)
  • patterned paper (uses about 2/3 of a sheet of 12x12 paper)
  • scoring tools, scissors & paper cutter, strong adhesives
  • paper piercer, needle, thread, & seed beads

Step 1) Print the box template (it's a rectangular box that makes the base of the box.) Score it & Cut it out.

[I prefer to print the version of the template that has only tick marks that show where to score--so no dotted lines show--but I also made a version with the dotted score lines in case you like that template style better.]

Step 2) Cut two 2 3-8 inch squares of patterned paper to sides fit on the two sides.

Step 3) Assemble the box, adhering the flaps, and add the two 2 3-8 inch squares to sides.

Step 4) Print the template for the purse shape and the 4 decorative tabs. Cut them out.

[Because the front & back of the purse support the box, I like to use 100lb cardstock. This is Strathmore Bristol Vellum Paper cut to measure 8.5" x 11" & fit in the printer. You could double up thinner cardstock if that's what you have on hand or use cardboard...]

Step 5) To line the purse, glue the cut-out purse shape templates to the back of patterned paper. (This particular paper is double-sided by My Mind's Eye (Bohemia Bliss Darling Daughter floral/pink.)

Step 6) Cut the purse & tab shapes out of the patterned paper.

Step 7) Cuttlebug emboss the purse shapes. I'm crazy for those Plum Blossoms!

The new larger Provo Craft format--5x7 inch--embossing folders fit this template perfectly (Assuming you're using the tabs & position the embossing pattern towards the purse bottom. If you'd rather not use the tabs, you could just trim a tiny bit of the top of the purse shape to get a nice embossing fit in one quick pass.)

Step 8) Pierce & stitch the tabs (if you like.)

Step 9) Cut two strips for the handles--to measure 11 inches long by 1 inch or so. Adhere them to the top of the purse shape & hide the handle ends by adhering the tab pieces.

Step 10) Print & cut the pocket template, adhere it to patterned paper & trim. You could make two if you'd like: one for the back of the purse or the inside even.

Step 11)
Pierce the pocket & stitch on beads, or embellish however you like. The paper used for this pocket is more My Mind's Eye double-sided patterned paper--Bohemia Bliss Friends Brocade/Red.

Step 12) Adhere the pocket to the front of the purse. To put a tag in it, simply adhere only around the bottom outside of the pocket (and not the top.)

I made the pocket template sized to fit a gift card. (If you'd like to be sure the pocket really stays put & fits a gift card well, you could stitch the pocket to the purse front before assembling the box.)

Step 13) Assemble the box, by adhering it to the purse shape.

Step 14) Add more adhesive to adhere the front piece (with the handles attached.)

A little gluing pointer: While you're gluing (if you'd like your purse box to look like this one) please keep in mind that I made the templates so that the box base will end up raised off the ground. When it's put together only the purse front & back touch the ground. The raised box base fits hidden behind the curvy purse shape. I adhered the front & back at 1-3/4 inches down from the tab tops. Kind of weird maybe, but hopefully you'll like it.

Step 15) To get criss-crossed handles, cross the handles over each other and adhere them on the back (adding the tabs to hide the ends in the same fashion as you did for the front.)

Visit Cuttlebug Challenges to get the templates

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