Friday, February 26, 2010

Votive Candle Place Settings

Votive candles are a beautiful way to decorate your home, but what to do with the holders when the candle is all used up? Project Wedding has come up with a cute and simple  way to reuse your votives - turn them into mini-vases! And, by adding a name label, the votives can be used as place setting and favours/bomboniere for events such as weddings, showers or even dinner parties. 
The "how-to" from Project Wedding is simple:

You will need:
Votive holders
6-8 stems per vase
1. To remove wax from votive holders, leave them in the freezer for several days.
2. Be sure and wash the vases completely to remove any excess wax and dry thoroughly. 
3. Write the name of each guest on a label and affix it to the vase.
4. Fill each vase about half-way full of water.
5. Cut the stems short so the blossoms rest against the side of the vase but be sure the stems are long enough to drink water. We cut ours straight from the plant and let them sit in lukewarm water for a few hours before arranging.
6. Arrange the flowers the night before the event and keep them in a fridge, away from fruit if possible.
7. If you are traveling with the vases, be sure and pack them tightly!

Visit Project Wedding for the tips tricks and pictures to help you create your own votive place-settings. 

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