Monday, February 8, 2010

Twig Pendant

We found this fabulous DIY project on the Better Homes and Gardens website… it's very simple, and the result is fantastic! We have provided the beginning of the instructions below, but please pop over to Better Homes and Gardens site for more wonderful projects like this one.

"This sensational pendant shade was created by the TV show’s Tara Dennis for Jason Hodges’ 2009 MIFGS garden. Made with – of all things – garden twigs, it casts beautiful shadows when lit, creating a magical setting in which to entertain or dine. A similar piece from an outdoor or garden specialist will set you back a pretty packet, but you can make this shade for next to nix. You can hang it from your pergola or craft a few of these beauties and feature them throughout your home."

Gather your supplies
Bundle of straight gum-tree twigs of even thickness; short twigs (fillers); garden secateurs; string; tie wire, cut into 15cm lengths; pliers; pendant; 4 small ‘S’ hooks; 1.6mm chain (length to suit); cup hook; bayonet pendant adapter (if necessary)

1. Gum twigs are strong but will flex without breaking easily.
2. As you begin to build the ‘ball’ around the twig base, allow room to insert a suspended pendant fitting, or a standard light socket pendant adapter, and light bulb. You may need to adapt these instructions to suit your fitting…

Visit Better Homes and Gardens for the full tutorial…

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