Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DIY Concealer

Concealer is meant to conceal redness, dark circles and blemishes, but it is often difficult to find a concealer that does just that. More often then not, your concealer will be a lighter shade then your foundation and it can end up drawing more attention to the problem areas that your were trying to hide.

So, the below tutorial will teach you how to create your own concealer so you will no longer have to worry about your concealer doing anything but concealing your blemishes…

What you’ll need
• A small container (an empty lip-balm container will do, or if you are anything like me, you stock up on MAC samples and save their adorable sample containers for other purposes)
• Your favorite foundation

Pour a small amount of tried-and-true foundation into your container. Let it stand open, lid off and covered with cheesecloth to keep out dust and other airborne pests, for approximately 2-3 days (depending on oil or water content of the product) in your refrigerator.

Now not only do you have a virtually free concealer, but a virtually free concealer in the exact shade of your foundation and the piece of mind that you will not experience any reactions.

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