Monday, February 1, 2010

Gorgeous Flower Invitations...

A unique stationery idea is to sew invitations from fabric. This superb video how-to from YouTube  shows step-by-step how to make gorgeous floral invitations - and best of all you don't need to be a sewing wizz for these invites to look stunning! 

Tie the fabric invitations in with your wedding theme by using the same colour fabric as your bridesmaids gowns. If you are having the bridesmaids gowns made, order a little extra fabric to use for the invites or ask your dressmaker to save you the offcuts. 

Don't feel tied down by the floral look of the invitations in this tutorial - if you are having a beach wedding, you could source some beautiful seaside themed fabric featuring shells or marine life. The choices are endless!

A good tip is to give yourself plenty of time to practice - especially if you are not familiar with sewing. Don't expect your first go to be exact - after all, practice makes perfect!

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